Chapter 7: The Infallibility of The Holy Bible

Chapter 7: The Infallibility of The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible can never be distorted for many reasons, among which are the following:

The Testimony of the unity of the Bible:

More than 40 writers contributed to The Bible throughout a period of time that amounts to 1600 years. Moses wrote his books around 1500 B. C. and John wrote his Gospel in 100 A. D. These writers differed in qualities, circumstances, residence and the age they lived in: Some were philosophers like Moses and Paul, while others were simple, like Amos the sycamore collector, David the shepherd and Peter the fisherman. Joshua, on the other hand, was an army commander, Nehemiah was the king's cup - bearer, Isaiah was a court man, Daniel was a prime Minister and Solomon was a wise man. Moses wrote in the desert, Jeremiah in the den, David in the pastures and Paul wrote in prison. However, in spite of all these differences, there is wondrous unity among the different Books of the Bible.

The subject of the whole Bible is the salvation of man, explaining to us God's dealings with humanity, His redemption of man and the means by which this redemption is accomplished in our daily life.

"For prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit" (2Peter 1: 21). Thus, "all scripture in given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work" (2Timothy 3: 16,17).

The Testimony of the Prophecies:

One of the deviate proofs that the Bible is divinely inspired is that many prophecies included in it came true, some of which are the following:

More than 300 prophecies about Jesus Christ written before His coming were very accurately fulfilled.

The prophecies on the fall of Egypt from the splendor of her power came true. (Ezakiel 19).

There were prophecies on the Assyrian and Babylonian Captivity in Jsaiah and Jeremiah.

A prophecy on the victory of Cyrus king of persia over the Babylonians and the return of the Jews from their captivity. This prophecy is mentioned in Isaiah 44: 28, and when Cyrus read it after his victory he was so surprised that he actually set the Jews free and they returned to their land.

The Lord has foretold the destruction of Jerusalem and this prophecy was fulfilled in detail in 70 A. D. by Titus the Roman Commander.

The Lord has foretold the martyrdom of Peter and this was actually accomplished in 68 A. D. by Nyron.

The Testimony of the Old Versions:

Scientists have discovered old versions of the Holy Bible which are totally identical with the Bible in our hands. Among these versions are:

The Vatican Version: This Version goes back to the beginnings of the fourth century. It is kept in the Vatican. It was written in Egypt under the decree of king Constantine.

The Sinaitic Version: This version goes back to the end of the fourth century. The scientist Chandorf found it in St. Catherine Monastery in Sinai, and it is now kept in the British Museum.

The Alexandrian Version: It goes back to the fifth century. The Popes of Alexandria kept it until 1638, when Pope Cyril gave it to King Charles I of Britain. It is now in the British Museum.

The Ephraimian Version: This version is now in Paris.

Besides the above, there is the Buizer Version (6th c.) , the Washington Version (5th c.) , as well as hundreds of manuscripts among which are the Manuscripts of the Dead Sea and the Chester Beatie Manuscript which goes back to the year 250. This manuscript was written on papyrus, and it is now in Dublin, Ireland.

The Testimony of the Monuments and Excavations:

With the emergence of the science of archeology and its great researches in the previous century, many milestones on which there are inscriptions from various ages were discovered. On comparing the inscriptions on these milestones which have been buried for hundreds of years with the books that we have, we find complete identity. Here are some examples:

The discoveries in Babylon written in the Cursive language tell the same story about the flood.

Scientists have discovered the ruins of the Cities of Pithom and Rameses which the Jews had built for the Pharaoh. These cities are mentioned in Exodus 1: 11, and they were not discovered until the year 1884.

The Moabite Stone contains 34 lines which tell the story of the war between Mesha, the king of Moab and Joram, the king of Israel exactly as it is told in 2 kings 3: 6 - 27.

The Kurdstanian Rock on which there are inscriptions which tell the story of Darius, the king of Persia as it is found in Daniel 5,6,9 and 21.

The obelisk of Shalmeneser king of Assyria where Hoshea king of Israel is seen as a prisover who paid tribute to the Assyrian king. This is exactly identical with the story in 2kings 17: 3.

Is the ruins of the old city, Nineveh, there are the castles of the Assyrian kings where inscriptions are found. The information in these inscriptions are identical with the stories in the Bible.

The ruins of Jerico which Joshua had burnt appear really to have been burnt as mentioned in The Bible.

Many inscriptions in the area of ur of choldees contain information about Abraham which agrees with what we have. People used to inscribe the information that they wished to record on stone.

The cross of Lord Jesus Christ, and the great story of its discovery, as well as the shroud where the written sentence against Him is found.

The Testimony of Logic:

When was The Bible distorted?.

Before or after Islam? If it was before Islam, then why was it acknowledged by Islam? Why weren't we given the genuine book? If it were after Islam, how did this happen as the historians did not take heed? Christianity was spread all over the countries of the world. The separation had already taken place in Chalcedon. How did the Christians agree upon such an important matter, whereas they disagreed upon minute details about the character of Jesus Christ and the union between His divinity and His humanity? Moreover, how could they cheat the Jews into distorting their books without any resistance? And how could it be that this happened without the knowledge of the Moslems, as not one of their historians mentioned this dreadful event? How could it be that this event was not mentioned in the general or the pagan history, as not one book says that the Christians have collected all their books all over the world, distorted them, and then re - distributed them? Why even go through all this trouble? It the Christians had found out that their recorded prophecies would be fulfilled by the emergence of a new religion, why would this annoy them? On the contiary, they would have been happy and they would have tried to prove that this was true. These are only claims which lack even the weakest evidence.

From the above evidences, it is clear that The Holy Bible in our hands is the genuine Book, and that it is impossible to corrupt if because it is the word of God.

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